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Dinner Is Sorted Tonight!

Dinner Is Sorted Tonight!

Fish and Chippies are on the menu tonight! Do you enjoy chips, potato cakes and dim sims with your fish?

Now we're hungry! Place a phone order via 9360 7363 or head in-store to order your dinner combo tonight.

Delicious Sweet & Savoury Menu Options!

Delicious Sweet & Savoury Menu Options!

Are you a sweet or savoury food lover? Espresso Allegro offer delicious menu items such as French Toast and Omelette’s that are loved by the locals!

Head into the café to pick up a takeaway meal and a coffee, so that you can taste their delicious menu for yourself!

Your Local Real Estate Professionals!

Your Local Real Estate Professionals!

Sweeney Estate Agents are your local real estate professionals! With a residential meets coastal feel and affordable house prices, Altona offers a multitude of comprehensive real estate options for you to kick-start your property journey. If you wish to discuss their services, call Sweeney Estate's office on 03 9398 3777.

Freshly Squeezed Juices Made to Order! – Sandwich Chefs

Freshly Squeezed Juices Made to Order!

Boost your day with a Sandwich Chefs juice, made with freshly squeezed ingredients juiced just for you. The Ginger Ninja, Citrus Crush, Summer Daize, and so much more juicy specials are awaiting your visit. Fresh is best at Sandwich Chefs!

FREE 2 Week Trial* - Kumon

FREE 2 Week Trial*

Kumon is offering school aged students a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL* for their classes. Share the benefits that come from building essential English and Math skills. With guidance from instructors, Kumon students study independently to develop both a high level of academic ability and the ability to learn independently. As a result, Kumon students build self-esteem and develop the ability to take on new challenges for themselves. There's a lot of unknowns going on at the moment, but there's certainty and learning consistency with Kumon. Contact 0423 629 350 to sign up for their fantastic classes.

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